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ECO-MIX Asphalt


Because traditional hot mix asphalt (HMA) requires high heat to attain workability. Our special ECO-MIX process uses lower heat.

So, is lower heat a big deal?

You bet it is. Lower heating with ECO-MIX means:

  • ECO-MIX has less oxidation during production, which results in extended binder/pavement life.
  • ECO-MIX reduces carbon emissions.
  • ECO-MIX reduces smoke and smell.
  • ECO-MIX has compaction and workability equal to standard hot-mix asphalt.


ECO-MIX requires less energy to produce and uses more recyclable materials in the mix, making it a sustainable product.

The bottom line? ECO-MIX asphalt produces a high quality pavement that's better for the environment.

ECO-MIX brochure